Unlocking Prosperity Through Education

The Pecan Inspire Scholarship Program (PISP) is Pecan Energies’ flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative developed in 2020 to eliminate existing barriers preventing promising but financially challenged Ghanaian students from accessing tertiary-level education in Ghana. So far, seventy-one (71) students have enjoyed the comprehensive educational support that the program provides, and it is open to all eligible students regardless of gender, age, or educational background.

The PISP was designed following grassroots-level community assessments to identify the most pressing needs of more than 100 coastal communities located within the Western Region of Ghana. Assessments revealed low senior high school to tertiary education transition rates, providing a unique opportunity to leverage Ghana’s oil and gas resources to equip eligible youth with the skills, education, and training to build a bright future for Ghana.

At Pecan Energies, we believe that Education is a critical tool for unlocking the vast potential existing within the country’s youthful population. Thus, beneficiaries receive full coverage for Tuition and Housing Costs, a Laptop for academic work, appropriate Stipend, and Regular Mentoring and Counseling Support throughout the duration of their studies (T&Cs apply).

Thanks to this support, PISP students are identified as top performers in their schools and programs. With these performances, it is expected that they will bring positive impact into their communities and the country.

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PISP Spotlight: Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today.

At Pecan Energies, our support for our students through the PISP transcends simple financial investments. Rather, it's about providing tangible life and job-ready skills that deliver a holistic experience for PISP beneficiaries.

We do this through an initiative dubbed the ‘PISP Connect Series,’ which provides mentoring and counseling support to beneficiaries every quarter. This is guided by a flexible mentoring and counseling framework that adapts to provide the most needed support in academics, personal grooming, career support, emotional intelligence, and many other domains at any given period of their educational journey. The initiative connects our students to industry and subject-matter experts, leaders, and role models that they might otherwise have never met, providing them with the power to improve their lives and spur positive change in their respective communities.

Augustine Kpedator, a 3rd-year Mathematics student at the University of Winneba from Jomoro district in the Western Region, shares his thoughts on the impact of the PISP Connect sessions. ‘‘As a young man from a fishing community, there aren’t many opportunities to expose myself to important topics such as how to think critically, aspire for greater heights, forge beneficial relationships, and prepare myself for a career in the corporate world. I just knew I loved Mathematics and would love to teach it one day. Through the PISP Connect Series, I have learned to expand my thinking and vision, and I am poised to change the face of Mathematics Education in my community and society. The knowledge provided to me has made me the best student in my class, and I am currently the President of the Mathematics Student Association in my school. I am so privileged to be a part of this life-changing experience!’’