Christina Ofori
Jomoro District.

Christina Ofori is my name, and I was born and bred in Half Assini in the Jomoro District. People have often referred to me as ‘that physically challenged’ lady, and no one has really expected much from me.

I have always dreamed of working in the health sector to better the lives and health of individuals. I come from a family that depends solely on one parent’s income, who happens to be my mother, a petty trader. An incurable health condition has left my dad jobless for a long time.

I gained admission into the University of Cape Coast to pursue my dream course, Population and Health, which made the family happy, but at the same time, sad because of financial problems.

However, thanks to Pecan Energies, I know I can prove to the world that I can make a meaningful impact in my society. After sponsoring my education at the SHS level and now at the university, I have been given the resources I need to succeed and change the lives of others.